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She Closes Her Eyes Against the World
She closes her eyes against the world
She's separate,
never to be a part
Lives move on, while she lies still
All alone in the dark
Nothing reaches her heart
In the distance, far away
an alpha lion's roar
Reaches solitude’s ears
She curls up tight, hides her face
to wall herself
Against her sorrowful tears.
One knock, she blinks,
Forgets to breathe
Someone cracks the door
Two knocks, she sighs,
Remembers to move
She opens when he knocks once more.
Space contracts in,
time slows and starts
Emerald heart with a Green gold mind
Hands strive then they touch,
Paths join and minds meet
And my Lion whispers, “You are mine.”
Lips to lips and
hips to hips,
Lovers’ primal dance has begun
Your mind and mine
Entertwining, spilling over,
As our hearts begin to beat as one.
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orily? :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 0 0 Kitty Cheshire :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 0 0 Ciel in Wonderland 2 :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 1 0 Ciel in Wonderland :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 1 0 Kiki and Cici :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 1 1
I Only Feel
I can never find the right words
I can't express in thought or deed
The depth of feeling.
Being away from you is like
having my soul peeled away
Every moment you're not here.
I have lived the wrong life for too long
I am certain, I have surety, I only feel
That I am not worthy.
I don't remember what it was like
Not knowing how I felt
I don't remember what it's like to not wait for you.
My heart is a dissonant chord in my life's chorus
Having found my way into the wrong rooms
The wrong shoes, the wrong me.
I only feel alive when you're there.
I only feel hope inside your arms.
I only feel... I only feel.
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Moody Teenager :iconmothermagdalen:mothermagdalen 0 0

Random Favourites

Do you know the wonderful thing about heartbreak? No one can see it. No one can see how much pain you're in, how sad you are, how ugly you feel because it's all locked away inside. You sit and you think about how you deserve it, how you'll be alone forever now, how you're repulsive to other members of the human race and yet, to everyone else, you're smiling and happy. They're all surprised at how well you're coping, how you don't seem upset at all.
You're good at lying, aren't you?
Except to yourself. Because inside you feel like you're being ripped apart. You want to curl up in a ball and to stop being you at times, don't you? Those down days you get are so much worse now, but you still won't tell anyone because you don't want to bring them down too. You still throw yourself into cheering other people up, because you live for making people happy. You hope that by making them happy you'll be happy too, but it's not working.
Admit it.
Admit you're hurt. Admit you're dying bit by bit ins
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Maddy Remembers
Maddy watched the Valkyre amble along above her, heading towards the mountainous regions and flatlands, onto a perilous journey along the Altavian border towards Banemburg, Bantaria's capitol city. She knew what it was like being on one of those Valkyre, but she had been going the wrong direction. She'd been heading away from the smog bound city walls, and into the green surrounding it, accompanied by a bunch of crying noble children. And it had taken her away from the memories of her childhood friend.
She settled back against the tree which had become her thinking spot. Its long branches twisted and turned like snakes, pale white bark which glowed almost silver when you caught it in the moonlight, it was soothing to find something so old, and so perfect. It was so different from her first home, even in the posh parts of the city the trees had been shrivelled small things that clung desperately to life. But it had always suited Jack, who seemed to revel in the dirt and grime of the sid
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it's a thing.
I have a thing for boys who lie to me.
I have a thing for boys who don’t answer my phone calls.
I have a thing for boys who sweet talk me.
I have a thing for boys that save me.
I have a thing for boys who make me feel like I’m the only one, when I’m not. I’m just the first girl that cared.
:icontwilightjunkie94:Twilightjunkie94 6 1
before we wake.
i think i measured our time in summers.
and that's why you're gone now.
i can remember your hands wrapped tight around me to keep me from jumping and how it took me two years to tell you thank you. now you don't care anymore.
i remember when we used to lay in bed together and i would shut my eyes really tight to keep from screaming that i loved you. and i think you understood why. you always told me to keep my eyes closed. sometimes i can't feel my arms and lying in my bed alone is so much easier then getting up and facing everything.
i can still hear your screams echoing in my ears, you yelling at me because i told you i couldn't stop caring. please don't come back this time. our love is messy and complicated and i hate you just as much as i love you. i threw your jar of paper hearts at my window and they didn't break, but i wish it did.
when the winter comes, i'll sit out by your road and watch you leave with all your friends and hold my own hand. i'll turn the heat off and wait for
:icontwilightjunkie94:Twilightjunkie94 3 6
ASFGDFGH :iconlittle-loxi13:Little-Loxi13 5 4 Steampunk Dragon Trinket :iconlithriel:lithriel 2,578 178
I always imagined a miscarriage to be a white chariot being lifted around by a white horse in the clouds.
Then I realized that it was a white chariot being slowly trotted around by a red and fleshy horse, across this giant white room, where the ceiling was domed and the walls were skewed away- in such a way that your eyes opened wide and your head knocked slightly back, and you were suddenly light and feathery. The chariot is sliding and screeching across, while the horse gallops in a monotonous and slow rhythm. The chariot is lead out of the room. The horse nudges hard and painfully against this tiny pink door, pushing this little exit out very painfully, yet very subtly- like the way it came in.
Then you're left there in that white room alone with a ringing in your ears. There are deep red indentions of the wheels across the white tile, trailing towards a bulbous hole at what used to be a tightly shut pink little door.
And that's all that it was, and nevermore
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Journal History

Not much new here in the creative area. I've posted a few more older things, as you may have seen, but nothing recent. I seem to have misplaced my muse.

But if you're curious, there's a few new blog posts over at Mostly just disjointed ramblings fueled by insomnia and crap depression meds, but whatever.


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Random, quirky, odd. If you get to know me, you'll either walk away shaking your head, roll your eyes while shaking your head, or laugh till you pee... while shaking your head. But that's acceptable.

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